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Cannakits creates all-in-one joint rolling kits. Established in Los Angeles in 2019 we make and distribute compact kits intended to be used for cannabis consumption. Each kit contains a grinder, rolling papers, an ashtray, lighter, and perforated tips all in a tiny container small enough to fit in your pocket.

Female owned and operated Cannakits is dedicated to making sure that each customer is overjoyed with their purchase and has everything they need to roll the perfect joint on the go.

We’re old school. We love a good vape or bong rip as much as the next chick but nothing in our opinion beats rolling a fat j and smoking the day away with your friends.

Every design is made by us and inspired by California, our travel destinations, holidays, and just plain old cute shit.

We hope that you enjoy our products and continue to support us on our journey to making the greatest cannabis kits on the planet. 

Sincerely yours,

The Cannakits Team